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Mindful Monday - Synchronicities and Impactful Daily Activities

August 24, 2020 - Mindful Monday presented by Chris Masiello, President and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. This week's topic - "Synchronicities and Impactful Daily Activities"

Tips from today's Mindful Monday:

Examples of synchronicity

  • Overhearing a couple of strangers talk about something that is of great significance to your own life

  • One example of synchronicity is hearing the same name over and over again (in books, on TV, on number plates, in dreams) and later discovering that the name is a suburb where you finally find your dream home

  • Getting the exact message you need the most at the exact right time (e.g. if you’re going through a divorce, depression, betrayal, major life change, etc.)

  • Meeting the exact right person at the exact right time (e.g. a partner, friend, teacher, etc.)

  • Seeing the same symbols or images repeated everywhere (e.g. in a magazine, on commercials, on buildings, on tattoos)

  • Glancing at the clock the same time of day for many days on end (and seeing 11:11, 14:14, 23:23, 222, etc.)

  • Hearing the same song on repeated many times in unusual circumstances

  • Strange alignment of birth dates between friends, partners, etc.

Access Greater Openness establish routines that give you space and openness

  • Go to bed and get up earlier. Peacefulness mornings are powerful

  • Journaling and meditation practices

  • Start by youtubing Guided Meditation or visit Gaia.com

  • Avoid watching the news or shows with negativity

  • Become a life long learner. Read or listen to books that will feed your mind and soul.

  • Be in nature

  • Exercise; a fit mind needs a fit body

  • Be curious and observe, remove judgment

  • Beware of your thoughts

  • Watch what you eat and drink

  • Don’t let the details paralyze you

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